The rest of my month — update #1

Not much to tell you, I’m still trying to track down freelance work. Using Twitter, I’ve found RentACoder and oDesk, and somehow I found eLance. I can’t claim any success with them yet, but I’ll let you know.

I’m already behind on a blog post on, but it’s in the works and should be up later today. I’ll probably back-date it to Friday and try to get another post done today.

Right now, I’m taking a look at affiliate marketing programs. I’m going through the details of Amazon‘s Associates Program right now. (I’ve signed up, but they still have to approve me.) Basically, I get paid a percentage of whatever people buy from Amazon, if they access it through the link on my page. I’ve also looked at ClickBank, but I’m not completely sure I understand it.

So that’s where my self-employment stands. If you have any ideas for anything more I might do, technical writing blog topics or Amazon products to blog about, let me know.