Time to toughen up, son

When I was a kid, safety was an afterthought. “Be back before dark” was the only safety advice I got. Not, “don’t play in the street,” or “be careful near the river.” We played in the street, and while not in the river, we skied and tobogganed on the river. And child safety seats? Man, my sister and I rode in the back of a station wagon with Lego, Hot wheels, whatever. No seat belts, no nothin’! Why? Because we were tough. We grew up eating peanuts and peanut butter, not to mention dirt and bugs. Riding skateboards and bikes down steep hills and wiping out, leaving us with tremendous scrapes and bruises. Because we were tough.

Finally, someone has introduced a product that brings us back to the good old days of being kids. Where the world was a place to learn and grow up and equip ourselves for the future. Good on ya!