Valemtimes’s Day

So Gwildor‘s big bro’ made a comment about Valentine’s Day last night with which I had to disagree. But it might just be me. He said that Valentine’s Day is just as stressful now that he’s married as it was when he was single. I’ve been single now for over 13 years, and in fact only had a relationship on Valentine’s Day once in my life. (Yeah, pretty good, eh?) Not once, including the one time, was I ever stressed about Valentine’s Day. Who cares? I’ve got no one and nothing to worry about. At least, no differently than on any other day.

I can understand that when you’re married it can get a little stressful: candy? flowers? dinner? weekend getaway? time away from the kids? day at the spa? All kinds of things that may or may not be what your significant other wants, and that may result in a fight. As far as I’m aware, guys really don’t care, they’re mostly looking to get laid. Maybe that’s where the stress comes from, give a bad gift, no nookie? Anyways, I’m not concerned. Happy Valentine’s Day!