Vote Early and Vote Often

Boys and Girls … tomorrow is Votey Day, and I want to urge everybody to Vote … Vote Early and Vote Often!!

And I want to urge you to vote with your mind and your heart. Don’t vote Liberal to stop the Conservatives, and don’t vote Conservative to get rid the Liberals. If you don’t believe in the party, vote for the candidate; if not the candidate, then the party. If you have a Rhinoceros Party candidate you want to vote for, go to it! Don’t strategize. Vote the way you want to vote, for the person or party you want to win, not the for the person or party you think has the most likely chance of defeating the person or party you don’t want.

Come on, they all lie and they don’t stick to campaign promises. So we’re only better off when we show what we want, not just what we don’t want.

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