We Love Valentine’s Day

Good times had by all yesterday at the Horseshoe Tavern for their Valentine’s Day rock fest. Wild Erbunch and his gang, We Love, played a solid set and rocked out with SizzlyPoppa on drums. Generally the Sizzler doesn’t play with We Love, and generally We Love don’t need no stinkin’ drummer, but it really made a difference and gave them a fuller, more complete sound.

To round out the night, we had Decade of Sleep (yeah, no website, shitty) and then Mindsight. (Then We Love.) Decade of Sleep were good; they did really well with the Beatles (Helter Skelter) and Beastie Boys (Sabotage) covers, but not so much with their original stuff. Mindsight was weird; with a sort of ’90s metal/Alexisonfire/Tool vibe (while fun, not really up my alley, sorry).

Happy Valentine’s Day!