Web hosting

Alright, everybody, I previously mentioned that I had to move my web hosting. Now I’m asking for suggestions for web hosts, because my current host is crappy. They seemed to have everything I needed, at reasonable prices, but it turns out that they don’t.

Most notably, their support for scheduled tasks (cron jobs) is terrible. While the interface is terrible, the actual jobs also don’t seem to run on schedule. I had a job that was scheduled to run every four hours; it ran every four to six hours. I have a job that I scheduled to run every hour; it ran every hour for three hours, then ran again six hours later, then never ran again. I’ve added another job to run every 15 minutes, and it doesn’t seem to run at all.

As well, although it’s not a huge issue, the host does not (and will not) provide the IMAP module for PHP, meaning that crackerMail will not run. Sure, I can use other programs, including the host’s webmail service, but that’s not what I want.

I can’t set up multiple administrators. Maybe I was spoiled in being able to have multiple control panels for multiple domains, with multiple administrators, but it was a very useful feature.

So, if anyone knows of a good, inexpensive web host who might be able to provide all these things, let me know.