Weighing in

Yes, I’m a little overweight, I’m well aware. That’s not what this weigh-in is all about. It turns out that as of yesterday there’s a new President of the United States. And he’s African-American. Interesting, to say the least. I can’t imagine what having this new president will mean for the world, but I’d like to believe that this guy is actually tuned into reality. He seems to have some idea of the generally negative international reputation that the United States has, and the domestic economic issues. As well, as demonstrated by his “promise to fix the battered economy and withdraw U.S. troops from the unpopular war in Iraq on a 16-month timetable” (The Globe and Mail), it appears that he’s quickly looking to terminate the Bush legacy. Let’s hope he can do it, and do it soon: I think expectations are high and patience is low.