We’re at the lake!

Well, actually, I’m home from the lake. Late Sunday morning, VeeDub’s bro’, Jock, and his wife, Doc, (yup, Jock ‘n’ Doc) picked me up to take me up to “the Lake”, which was about a 2-hour drive straight north. I got in the door, took off my shoes and didn’t put them back on until yesterday around 11am. Woo Hoo!

I spent 3-ish days lounging, tossing an Aerobie or a football, splashing in the lake, soaking in the fire-heated hot tub, riding in boats, getting destroyed on an inner tube (more later), playing poker, eating pie and drinking beer (yes, hard to believe!).

The “destroyed” part was trying to ride the inner tube behind a speeding boat making loops over its own wake and bouncing me around ’til I flew off. Mind you, I didn’t fly off as spectacularly as VeeDub, who skidded on his back on the water for about 20 feet when he went off.

That’s it, pure relaxation and a bit of a sunburn. Good Times!