So I’m now back from h!‘s place having tried my hand at the new Nintendo Wii. While I think Wii is easily the stupidest name for a game console I’ve ever heard, the experience was good times! It was such a unique form of gameplay, it was definitely a good experience. I played the Wii Sports: tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. These 5 sports expose the player to the major points of the new gameplay style. In tennis, you need to swing the controller like a racket; in baseball, you need to swing the controller like a bat or like you’re throwing a ball; in bowling, you need to move the controller like your rolling the ball and release the controller button when you release the ball; in golf, the putting was kind of weird, but generally you need to move the controller like a golf club. The boxing was probably the most active. It requires the other half of the nunchuk controller. There’s another controller that attaches by way of a wire to the primary controller. The movement of the 2 parts together simulated your fists for punching your opponent.

I watched others play Trauma Center, a surgery “game”. (I don’t know how much surgery is a game, but in this case it was.) You’re a doctor and you have to use the contoller like a scalpel, or a laser, or a needle, or suction, or ultrasound. You point the controller at the screen and do surgery. Wild. The graphics leave a little to be desired, but Nintendo was not competing with the high-definition games of Xbox or Playstation. I give Nintendo credit for delivering a new concept of video games, rather then just focusing on the visual content. Plus, leo37 created an avatar that looked eerily like me. 9 out of 10 saltines!