And the winner is …

From Elections Canada – National

Cons. Lib. B.Q. N.D.P. Other Total  
Leading: 124 103 51 29 1 308
Popular vote (%): 36.3 30.2 10.5 17.5 5.6 100

As you can see from the chart above, there was no majority winner. Not really even a minority with a party holding the “balance of power”. Technically, the BQ and the Conservatives represent a strong majority, but there’s no guarantee that the Bloc will always support the Tories. The NDP gained some ground—locally, in my riding and in Trinity-Spadina, the Liberal incumbent was defeated—but nothing really decisive. I figure we’re looking at another 18 months of screwing around with policies that the country really doesn’t want, but with a government that at least isn’t the last one.

I certainly hope the NDP will push for some electoral reform, in the way of proportional representation. I mean, they got 17.5% of the popular vote and 29 seats, where the Bloc only got 10.5% of the popular vote and a whopping 51 seats. It’s a little lop-sided, if you ask me.

Unfortunately, no Green Party candidates managed to win, but maybe they’ll get even more money and mount a more impressive campaign next time. And it seems interesting that in the highly contested region of Québec, an independent was elected.