Word to the wise, back is better. That is, sit farther back from the screen when viewing a movie in IMAX. As well, show up earlier, in order to get a seat nearer the back.

That said, Gwildor, JAC and I went out to see 300 at the IMAX yesterday. Wicked! I know Gwildor rated it 5 out of 5 Gs, and I can understand why. The action and effects were spectacular. While I thought the bullet time was a little excessive, Gwildor liked it, since there was usually a secondary action sequence in the background that would have otherwise been missed. As well, the story was good, giving us a highly entertaining history lesson. However, I’m curious to know how historically accurate the story was, because the Persians, especially Xerxes, are made out to be larger-than-life. I’m sure it’s just the result of 2500 years of historical revision (and artistic licence). For the dudes, there’s lots of blood, body parts are hacked off and bodies are piled up as defensive berms, plus there’s nipples. For the ladies, 300 mostly nude, incredibly buff dudes.

Good times! 9 out 10 saltines (I think I’ve mentioned that nothing gets a 10.)