5 out of 5

crackerMail received 5 g’s out of 5 from Gwildor. I definitely didn’t expect anything that good. Thanks, buddy.

I’m (we’re) making some great headway on I’ve created a Domain Name search function, well I stole it from someone else and used it. It’s good, but not great, I’ll get there. Plus Gwildor‘s putting together the Admin functionality, it’s very pretty.

And a quick note about the CBC’s Greatest Canadian poll. Because I’m in love with Melissa Auf der Maur, I’ll have to back her candidate, David Suzuki. But I’m really behind George Strombopolopolous‘ candidate Tommy C. Douglas.

And hoo boy! I just got off an hour-long conversation with my buddy DM from Banff. Poor DM worked with me when I was out there and he quit or was asked to leave or something about a year ago. He was working at a grocery store in Canmore this whole time and has decided to start looking for work again. This whole time we’ve not really been in touch, so it was nice catching up with him.

Update (Nov. 2) … Sorry for all these updates, but mostly they don’t require new blogs. crackerMail v1.0 has now been made available in a final release with 5 bug fixes. Thanks to Gwildor for pointing out most of them. If anyone downloaded the .zip file before 11:30pm (Nov. 2), delete your files, delete the folder, re-create the folder and extract the new files… This includes you, Gw. I’m really sorry.