CrackerMail 1.0

Woo Hoo!! crackerMail v1.0 has been released!! I gave up trying to write a login function, it was just getting too messy and too complicated. So I required a password-protected folder. I installed it myself, using the instructions in the readme.txt file, and it worked like a charm. I can’t imagine too many people are going to be using it, but it’s a fun project. Now onto v2.0!

So, I mentioned that I’m in a bartending course and it’s a ton of fun. But it’s a lot of memorization. The instructor suggested making flashcards and having a friend quiz us. Well, I’m far too internet- and technology-oriented for ‘flashcards’, so I’m in the process of building a web-based quiz. I’ve added all the drinks (from the manual, not all the drinks in the world!) to a database … using MS-Excel to build a spreadsheet, then a VB macro to build the SQL statements, then my quick-and-dirty dBase manager to add the info! Now I’m in the process of building the quiz, which will allow me to select the drinks to review, remember which drinks I reviewed the last time, then randomly go through the selected drinks, prompting for the information, allowing me to compare to the data in the database, assign a mark, then give me my final score. It’ll take me another day or so, but I think it’ll really help me study!

Update (Nov. 1) … crackerMail v1.0 has had to be re-released with 2 major bug fixes identified by Gwildor. Problems were caused by multiple mailboxes with the same username. Once that was fixed, the ‘From’ name was blank when sending email.