A month of silence

So I’m pushing a month with no updates here, my apologies. I was on vacation for a week at my mommy’s in The Pas (MB). I was busy working on a couple of websites (paid jobs, yay!). And busy looking for work (so far generally unsuccessful).

I also had a good update for you about the vacuum cleaner salesman who visited me. His product really sucked! This is not a joke, I actually had a vacuum cleaner salesman come to my home and demonstrate his machine. It did a super job, but it was also $3000. While I’m sure it was totally worth the price, I have a bit of an issue with a $3000 vacuum cleaner!

The big project on the go now is to manage more effectively my Twitter, Facebook and other status updates. Facebook gets a little cluttered with all my Twitter updates, so I keep my Twitter updates to roughly one per hour, but I’d like to tweet more. I also have some Facebook updates that I’d like to have go to my “professional” page, but they just go to my regular page. So I realize I need my regular Twitter feed, a smaller Facebook feed, another “professional” Facebook feed, plus a feed to and from my other website. This sounds like a bucketload of programming feeds, but we’ll see what happens.

How’s everybody doing out there?