The rest of my month — update #2

What’s been going on for the last week, you ask? Good question. I’ve got a to-do list for today that’s a page and a half in my notebook, with a bunch of stuff left over from last week; that’s something. I got a haircut at Haarley’s Salon; that’s something. I had beers with my good buddy Kev; that’s something else. And I’ve worked a few shifts at the SB; something else again.

Work? Oh yeah, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m still at it. I’ve done some work on the Western Cities Conference website and my own site, as well as blogging on The Tech Writer Blog website. I’ve also been following a bunch of people on Twitter. The Twitter thing is to get more info and more ideas for stuff to do.

The novel is coming along slowly. I still haven’t decided where to put up info for you guys to see, but I’ll get there. I’m going to post some character descriptions that are partly ready. I also want to find somewhere that will buy (even for a small price) some short stories about some of my minor characters. I’m going to try to pump those out as practice.

Again, if you have any ideas for stuff I should look into or try out, let me know.