A new job

Funny, the last time I mentioned new jobs was about 18 months ago and that was a whole new job ago. Now I’m up early in the morning, with time to spare to blog, to get ready for my new job that started Monday.

I’m the web publisher for the old group with whom I worked; the writers who write the procedures manuals and procedural change communications. All of that stuff gets published on a specific intranet site and that’s where I come in: to get anything published there, it goes through me. I don’t edit anything and I don’t write anything, but I make sure it’s pretty, it meets all the formatting standards and the links all work. It’s a little demanding, since there’s always a jillion things in different stages of work that might need my involvement, but it’s exactly what I wanted to do. At least for now.

I definitely wanted something “real” with a “real” company doing something that let me use skills developed entirely outside of work or school. I think this adds an element of legitimacy to my “hobby”. Well, we’ll see where it goes and where it takes me.