Hooray for new jobs!

Not mine. No, sadly, I still have the same old job … well, actually, I’m not certain I know what my job is this week/month/quarter. But they pay me money, I guess that’s something.

No, I’m talking about Gwildor and his fancy new Geek Squad job that he’ll start Monday. Congratulations!!

I’m also talking about Wublub and his fancy job that sends him to Vancouver and gives him a fun lunchtime where they won’t be managed by technology. Good for you!!

So where’s my fun job? I’m in charge of some kind of a project or the implementation of a project or troubleshooting the implementation of a project or investigating the troubleshooting of the implementation of a project …. See, I don’t know what I’m doing. I thought I signed on to write procedures and communication documents about those procedures. I seriously don’t have the first, foggiest clue what it is that I do. I had a meeting to discuss my progress: “How’s it going?” “I don’t know.” “Where are we at?” “I don’t know.” “Okay, I’ll bring it to the Senior Leadership team and see what they say.” “Okay.” … [some time later that day] … “They think you’re on the right track. Keep doing what you’re doing.” “Okay.” … [sits and stares at computer]

I’m not kidding.