Yoo hoo, here I am!

Alright, alright, I’m posting, I’m posting!!

I realize it’s been 2 weeks, but I’ve been moving. I only got my internet running Saturday. It still took some time to get the emails working. I ended up calling Sympatico support, who provided me completely different instructions for setting up my email than what they had provided in the install kit. Ridiculous.

Also, last week I renewed my cell phone plan and thought I got the right features package. No, no, I didn’t get my call forwarding, which is the only thing I really need. So the poor people trying to call me (sorry, Daddy-O and h!) just get my voicemail. But I thought the cell was forwarded to my inside number, so it was turned off! Anyway, that’s all straightened out.

Last but not least, has changed service providers, so the site’s been down the last week until I could access the cPanel to set everything back to normal.

Whew! I’m goin’ home to watch Firefly! Oh, and maybe start work on crackerMail upgrades for Big Gwilly Style and Cyon.