This Blog is Now About Complaining

Complaining CatYes, seriously. I’ve decided that I don’t understand people, and I’m not qualified to engage in debates on topics that relate to how people feel and act.

The other night, at family dinner, I was discussing how I don’t bother saving for things that I want. If I want to do or buy something and know that I can afford it (immediately or over time, using credit), I’ll do or buy it. Why not? To which I was told that some people (in fact, a lot of people) have already used their maximum credit.

Understood. I guess.

But it also revealed to me that what makes sense to me doesn’t always make sense to others, or that it’s not the default for others. I admit that sometimes I don’t think all the way through my thought or opinion before I voice it, leaving open to debate from people who perhaps have thought over it longer.

In any case, I will try to vent more of my complaints here, allowing for feedback from my audience, which should give me some opportunity to think further about my thought or opinion.