A recent organizational shift

So, here we are, Monday morning. woo hoo. (Note the subdued, woo hoo.) Mondays drive me nuts. The idiots who call me are only idiots because somehow 2 days of not being at work has caused them to forget how to do their jobs. Grr. Oh, and this is going to be a long post … sorry.

Anyway, I’m caught in a bit of a dilemma. I’m really not enjoying my job and so I’m thinking of leaving. There’s also a ton of rumour around some restructuring after a recent organizational shift which has me a little worried. I don’t have a problem with the job changing at all, as long as it’s for the better. But the rumour is that our job levels and thus our pay will be decreased, while the responsibilties will be increased … funny how big business likes to operate that way!

So the dilemma is whether to find something else within the company, to avoid whatever changes are coming down the pipe, or leave altogether. Except if I choose to leave it will be to go back to school. Damn, I’m almost 30 years old and thinking of going back school … not fun. The problem is: what to do in school? I’ve thought about being a high school teacher, get an MBA, or get some formal web design/computer training.

At the same time, I’m thinking of moving back out west. You’ll remember, I mentioned my friend R who’s trying to hook me up so I move back to Saskatoon. Housing prices are good out there right now, so I could afford to buy myself a house. But what would I do?

I would really love to be able to do web design full-time from home (whether in TO or S’toon), but I’m not really sure that I can make money at it. If I move to Saskatoon, my best bet would be as a high school teacher. But if I want to stay in Toronto and make some money, the MBA is the way to go. If Gwildor, Wublub and I wanted to work together, I think we could put together a solid web design/hosting company, providing online corporate training resources as well as general web design/hosting services. I know Wublub is considering a move to Saskatchewan and online collaboration would be easy enough.

The University of Saskatchewan has an acceptable Education program for becoming a teacher, using my existing B.Eng (Chem) degree. U Toronto, U Western Ontario, U Calgary and U Sask. all have decent (perhaps not comparable) MBA programs. And there’s web design, etc. courses available in all kinds of places… So, do you see my dilemma?