Good old Wednesday

Wednesday, good old Wednesday. It’s morning, I’ve got a coffee, it’s all good. I’m listening to my good buddy DJ Gwildor on the Freak Radio. Good Times!

You may have noticed my cute, little ‘Loading …’ message at the top of the page when you opened it up. That’s my latest contribution. I discovered it while working on a page that will allow me to access my email from this website. It was taking so long for the page to load (longer than this page even) that I wanted some note to show what was going on. So I implemented it on all my pages.

The email is kinda cool, except I’ve spent easily 12 or more hours on it and all it does is display From, Subject, Date and a paper-clip icon if the message has attachments. You (I) can’t actually read the message yet, but I know how to make that happen. I’m still trying to figure out just what sort of structure to have … a folder for each address, then a file for each email, or a database with all the stuff? I don’t know. Once it’s done, I’ll attach it to the login stuff, once that‘s done. That way everyone can check their email, if they want.