Not the bullies or idiots

I cannot tell you how good it feels that this is a weekend. After the holiday Thursday, Friday at work felt like Monday … But it was Friday and now I have 2 more days off. Yay!!

I had a call from my good friend R yesterday, trying to convince me to move back to Saskatoon. Her and her husband, one of my best friends, J, and their gorgeous family just moved back and they are loving it. What kills me is that in their neighbourhood are people that we went to elementary and high school with. And cool people too, not the bullies or idiots. They live a block and a half from the elementary school we went to … well, not R, she was in Regina or Manitoba or B.C. or somewhere, I’ll have to ask her sometime. But her plan is that when I take 2 weeks of my vacation and go back to Saskatoon, she’ll hook me up with a girl so perfect that I’ll have no choice but to move back! It’s a good plan, and just may work.

Well, back to loafing … I have laundry to do and I should do some ironing and tidy my house and clean my bathroom and finish putting up the shelves in my bedroom and unpacking a box of books … what did I say the other day about being lazy? … yeah, the laundry might get done.