Canada Day 2004

— Happy Canada Day —

I’m pretty sure I intended to get in touch with people and do something today, but that didn’t happen, ’cause I’m a lazy ass. Boy, if you ever want to know how to be lazy, I can give lessons. They’d have to be short lessons, otherwise I couldn’t continue to be lazy … In fact, I would postpone the lessons for quite awhile to allow me to be lazy longer.

Today was Canada’s 137th birthday. Happy Birthday! You know, my dad mentioned one time about how it used to be called “The Dominion of Canada”, and how that was a really excellent, appropriate name. I wish it was still something like that. I mean, you’ve got the United Kingdom, referred to mostly as Britain or England, the United States of America, the U.S. or the States, but we’re just Canada. It seems a little plain. We could even be, and this would freak the Americans out, the Confederation of Canada. Well, here’s a toast to “peace, order, and good government”!