The Great Canadian Wish List

Alright, I’ve been sitting on this for almost a week, and now there’s only a week left, so I figured I’d better say something. CBC is running a survey (I guess, that’s what you could call it) to establish a wish list for Canadians. They’re running it in conjunction with Facebook as a group called The Great Canadian Wish List. Right now, the top 2 wishes are: Abolish Abortion in Canada (7148 votes) and I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice (6333 votes).

I think it’s an interesting experiment and I think it’s worth exploring. I’m a little concerned, though, that it really only serves to exemplify that people who support questionable and/or exclusionary ideas tend to be loudest in supporting them. At the same time, people who support inclusive, socially considerate ideas tend to believe them to be self-evident and not needing support. At least, that’s my opinion.