I live in the country’s most dangerous city

It was pointed out to me that not even six months after moving here, Saskatoon is Canada’s most dangerous city. Thanks Maclean’s, you suck.

I can claim no responsibility for the statistics—sorry, it’s true. Firstly, and with a big “Fuck you!” to Maclean’s, the statistics quoted are pushing two years out of date. At the same time, as the mayor states in a much more in-depth article, the city’s crime statistics are higher because more crime is being reported and police officers pursue probation breaches at a higher rate than other forces. As well, “They’re screaming for 200 officers to deal with gang-related crime in Vancouver. Here in Saskatoon the police service is asking for eight officers to deal with traffic violations.” It’s true, I was a meeting where the mayor stated exactly the same thing in response to citizens’ concerns.

Dangerous? Maclean’s is looking at per-capita crime statistics, which include documented drug possession and probation and traffic violations. It really only means that the Saskatoon Police Service is really good at documenting the crimes they’re policing and resolving.

In conclusion, again, “Fuck you, Maclean’s!’” Get your shit together! (No wonder I cancelled my subscription!)