Ominocity’s OMFEST

OminocityAgain, a little late, but I only want to post once per day, at the most, and I needed to get my chicken wings post out yesterday.

Saturday night, I attended Ominocity’s OMFEST. It was a really good show.

It’s been a long time since I’ve attended a musical event at Louis’ Pub and I forgot just how terrible a venue it is for concerts. I’ve been told that the sound quality is good and there’s lots of room, but the space is awkward, there are all kinds of places for movement bottlenecks, and the space around the bar is tiny. Sorry, Louis’, I’m unimpressed.

The show included eight groups, but as they were not announced and the schedule not published, I didn’t quite put together all the bands and music. I had gone primarily for The Seahags (I have a big crush on the drummer) and We Were Lovers. Folk and electronic, respectively. I also liked both The Quitters Club and Arms Up, and was really impressed by Reform Party. The genre for all three, in my opinion, was good, hard rock, reminiscent of my preferred ’90s rock.

I was not impressed with Lady Deathstryke nor DFA. Shouting into a microphone over super-loud distortion isn’t music. Sorry, everybody.

But I met some good people, and had a good time tweeting stuff during the show and chatting with the Seahags’ drummer.