Colonialist Buffoon

I managed to identify myself tonight as a colonialist buffoon. I attended, as I do fortnightly, Trivia Night at the Yard & Flagon (I would link, but there’s nothing good to link to :-(), and a question came up about Mount Kilimanjarno [sic]. I made some comment about Kēnya, for which I thought I was being rather erudite, and was ridiculed, because it should be pronounced Kĕnya. Alas, more the fool me. Apparently, Kēnya is the British colonial pronunciation, while Kĕnya is correct, native pronunciation. Now you know!

Update 2012-08-02: (Yes, three-and-a-half years later) I was just reviewing some of these old posts and found that this post originally referred to the Yard & Firkin, which it is not. My apologies to the Yard, its staff and its patrons.