A weekend blog

Hey, Hey! A weekend blog!

I had a fairly eventful weekend: out to the movies Friday and out for the (now ubiquitous) game night with Gwildor and Trikie. Trikie’s sister, J, was out as was Trikie’s old buddy, Big A, aka The Big Stoner. I mean no offence to Big A, but, boy, that dude smokes a lot of dope.

We played a good game of Scene It? I like the game, except everybody feels the need to stop me from winning all the time. In fact, that was part of the reason J was over, since she’s equally a movie genius and was guaranteed to give me a run for my money. We moved on to Trivial Pursuit – DVD Pop Culture Edition, and J won that, hands down. Almost everybody was getting runs of good questions that I knew the answers to, but when my turn came, no such luck. I may sound a bit whiny, and I am. If there’s games in the world that are suited to my intellectual specialties, they’re trivia games. My mind contains some of the most trivial (literally: small and unnecessary) facts known to mankind. I don’t know why. Finally, we moved onto Settlers of Catan, after J went home. As always, it was a rivalry between Gwildor and Trikie (although nothing got thrown at anyone, this time), with Big A and I just doing the best we could. Trikie finally won after stealing Big A’s Longest Road.

So, back to Friday’s movie, the very acceptable Van Helsing. Gwildor and Trikie seemed to think it was repetitive and dragged on, and it sort of did, but I think it told a good story. I called it “very acceptable”, not excellent or spectacular, again, it told a good story. You can read all about it in the new/revised Reviews section.

Plans for the future … Gwildor’s working on a Settlers of Catan-type web-based game, and I’ve been trying to help with it. He’s been working on the board, so today I started working on how the turns will work. We talked about it a little yesterday, so I’ll try to have something preliminary to show him tomorrow. And the NHL Conference Finals stats are ready to go on the left.