Happy birthday to me

Okay, so it’s early the next morning, but it’s the first time I’ve had a chance to post anything. First of all, thanks everybody for the great birthday wishes! Especially, but not exclusively, all my old friends from Banff. It’s been over 10 years, but I think we could all drop into Tommy’s for a rye-ginger and not notice the time’d passed.

A big round of applause to Cracker’s Marbles (A birthday tribute; Bryce, Jess, Jana, Mike and Jennifer) and a solid second-place showing at trivia night tonight. How can you beat pint glasses and a free pitcher? That’s close enough to a $50 bar tab for me!

Q: Before Sir Richard Burton discovered the source of the Nile [River], what was the longest river in the world?

A: The Nile. (Regardless of when and who discovered it, the Nile has always been the longest river in the world.)

Thanks to J, Red and the kids for the birthday balloon and letting all the Starbucks types know it was my birthday. Not that I didn’t want them to know,but, man, how easy is it to tell 18-20 year olds that you’re 35? I have enough trouble admitting it to myself!

And thanks to my family for [perhaps] letting me win at Clue. I’m not completely sure how I deduced it, but it was definitely Mr. Green in the kitchen with the rope. Because I was playing Mr. Green, maybe I was reluctant to admit that it was me. And really, if it was me, why would I admit it? What a weird game.

Anyhoo, thanks everybody for a great day. I really appreciate it!