Almost Xmas time

We’re well into December now and I haven’t written you guys a real note in over three months. I have been a little busy, but not really, and noteworthy things have happened, but not really.

On my birthday, I let you guys know that Cracker’s Marbles came in second at Trivia Night at the Yard. Well, two weeks ago, Mike, Jess, and I (Mike & Ike ’ Crackers) finally won! The categories were pretty varied, with general trivia, Oscar winners, and gemstones as major ones. It was a little funy at the end, because they announced the second place winner first, with 46 points. Jess was slightly indignant, “But we had 49 points!” And, the winner is ….

The Baron - imageIn slightly bigger news, my sister has acquired a dog. The Baron is an American Eskimo-Pomeranian cross (with probably another breed or two thrown in for good measure). In the picture, he’s chillin’ under my sister’s desk while she works. We all need to get familiar with the dog’s bodily cycles (yes, you know what I mean!), but I think it’ll be good. Even if I’m crazy allergic!

And in even bigger news, I’m now gainfully employed! As opposed to being _painfully self-_employed. I’m a programmer in the institutional research office of the local university. The work is pretty much what the wikipedia link says; naturally, I work on the website (which is not actually in production, yet), ensuring that the information is usable and accurate. I’ll also be working on a lot of product and project documentation as we get things ramped up. Apparently, the current incarnation of the office has a much-expanded scope from the last office, which was less than effective at providin useful information in a useful format. We’re out to shift the paradigm!

Anyway, with Xmas coming up, I’ve got some gifts to wrap and decorations to put up, so I’ll drop you a note sometime later. (Probably to let you know about all my awesome Xmas loot!)