New year, new … something

(Just to note, I started this a week ago. I don’t know what that says about my motivation.)

Alrighty, new year, new years’ resolutions … Or not. I read a ton of self-improvement, DIY and productivity blogs and all of them have had some post (or several) about making and keeping new years’ resolutons. I’ve had a bunch of resolutions in the past and stuck to pretty much none of them. But I’ve also had a number of habits I’ve wanted to create (or break), new year or not, and I’ve been mildly successful.

So, based on all my reading and my own personal success, if there’s a goal you want to achieve, determine an activity that will help you acheive the goal and do it. The more regularly you perform the activity, the easier it will be to continue doing it, and the easier it will be to get back to if you have to stop for any length of time.

For example, if you want to lose weight (and I’m pretty sure we’ve all thought about it), that’s a pretty big goal, and involves a lot of work. But trying to walk a little more and eat potato chips less doesn’t involve a lot of work, and will probably save you a little money (often another goal). And even if you don’t walk everywhere you could or you eat a bag of potato chips every now and again, it’s not a big deal, just get back on track. Eventually (hopefully sooner than later), you won’t have to think much about it, you’ll just do it. In the end, I advise baby steps and consistency and you’ll make it happen. Happy new year!

And by the way, I think I like twenty-ten better than two thousand and ten. I don’t know why, I’m sure it doesn’t really matter, but I’m going to try to go with twenty-ten. (Another habit to form.)