Alright, back to work

Another day, another dollar … Same s—, different day … Anyway, I guess another week’s gone by, so it’s time for another blog. It’s funny, when I actually do stuff, I’m not really in a mood for blogging. But this time’s different … I guess.

I spent quite an eventful weekend with Gwildor and Trikie and then with h! is for Hulk. We started early Saturday morning with a trip to the Random House book sale. (Sorry, it was kinda short notice, so I didn’t get lists from people this time, but some good stuff for other people.) You really can’t beat $.50 for paperback and $1 for hardcover. Except, I got a little screwed on Metallica‘s book So What!, since it was a $50 coffee table book, it was $5. But I think the woman counting frigged it up. Then it was over to Syd Silver’s for tux shopping for ol’ Gwildor’s wedding. Out to the movies for some Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which turned out to be a very good movie … I’ll say 8 out of 10 saltines. And, of course, St. Louis’ for wings!! We went to a different location than usual, which was a nice change.

Sunday afternoon, I went over to h! is for Hulk’s to do some more work on the website. LEO37 said that his website was boring and it needed to be changed, so we’re changing it. (Although I’m not sure if it will be any more exciting … we’ll see.) h! made a nice dinner: shrimp with eggplant, chicken with sliced cucumber, and a tofu, mushroom, asparagus combination that was delightful. We shared this with h!’s last remaining roommate, Dr. K., and old friend from Montréal (or Calgary, depending on how long you’ve known her … I know her from Montréal), ‘leeeza. Then h!, ‘leeeza and I went for a nice stroll down to the Sicilian Sidewalk Café in Little Italy. (There’s a comment on that site about poor service and understaffing, that was not our experience. The service was good and there seemed to be plenty of servers working. In fact, ours was pretty sexy.) We strolled back along Palmerston Blvd, which is an oasis of gentrification amid the unwashed, middle- and working-class masses.

Whew, what a weekend … Alright, back to work … in the steamy T.O. weather!