Back from vacation

Alrighty, I’m back from vacation … You’d almost think I fell off the face of the earth, but I didn’t. Sorry to disappoint you. The big problem was Daddy-O’s computer that crashed during 3 blog attempts, and then my own idiocy during another. I clicked a link in an email and it opened the link in the same window as the (very long) blog, thus losing the blog entirely.

I will quickly mention some highlights of the vacation, since now I’m much too tired to go into any great detail (sorry)… I went to the LEO37 gig at Amigo’s; Off Broadway Dinner Theatre for A Perfect Wedding, starring Nelson’s wife, Emtamily; J & R’s daughter, Little P’s (5 years old) little league soccer game; and a 2nd go ’round of Revenge of the Sith. I won 60 bucks (thanks, suckahs!!) in a Texas Hold ‘Em poker game with J & R, Big T, Jonny B and Jonny’s wife, Little T. It was Winner-Take-All, and we each put $10 into the pot. I got to paint Daddy-O’s fence and mow his lawn (Woo Hoo!). As always was the family luncheon Saturday, and then some hottubbin’ at J’s parents’ place. The final Saturday was a trip up to Beatty, SK to visit Wublub and Gonch, and the greenhouse. All in all … Good times!!

And now … Back to work.