Christmas Loot

Christmas Loot!! Woo Hoo!! So, I’m sure you’ve all been sitting waiting patiently for a Happy Christmas blog from the Big Cracker …. Well, I guess, here it is. As most of you know, I’m moving, so I’ve been pretty busy, but not too busy for presents!

So, from Daddy-O, I got an awesome digital camera, from sis, an excellent CD, from stepmom a calendar, from my niece, a wicked shirt (not pictured on the page, but it’s wicked), from Mommy and stepdad, a cool bar shaker (kinda like the one pictured, but with another piece on the ouside that turns and gives you shakey drink recipes), a calendar, a book and cold, hard cash!

I was able to have a nice dinner with my uncle, aunt, and a friend of the family. Another aunt was supposed to attend, but she wasn’t feeling well. So my uncle and I went over Boxing Day and had a visit and dinner with her. Then I came home. The roads were good, but as always on the 401, there was reason to be stopped dead on the highway … this time for snow crews … I guess that’s okay.

I hope everyone else had a good Christmas, commercial and/or religious … “on earth peace, good will toward men” … “god bless us, everyone” … and my personal favourite: “Bah! Humbug!”