Slightly maligned

Alright, I’m trying to get more than 1 blog per week, and I’m on day 6 already. I first have to apologize to Daddy-O, since he felt slightly maligned in my blog from June 7. He read-in some sarcasm (and rightly so, my Woo hoo! was definitely facetious, bordering on sarcastic) that he felt was unnecessary. I did enjoy myself painting his fence and mowing his lawn while I was on vacation, but I felt my readership would find that to be a little too much work for a vacation, and so felt the need to add a qualifier.

It’s been a pretty good week. I need to apologize as well to h! is for Hulk. I have only just begun to get to work on some major updates to his website. The changes are substantial and will involve a freakin’ ton of work, but I’ll get it in the next few days. Of course, there has to be some time for MxO and CoD! I also have a couple of scripts I want to write for my own site. I have a photo gallery script I’m working on, and I have a small Javascript pop-up script to finish.

I went to a wedding this past weekend, my cousin, Princess Fiona, and her new husband, Shrek. They make a lovely couple. I definitely don’t want to offend anyone, but I feel the need to “tell it like it is”: the MC had no personality and the speeches were uninspired. Other than that, it was a good time: a beautiful church, excellent weather, a gorgeous bride and handsome groom, the bride arriving in a horse and carriage (“Love and marriage go together like a …”), family, friends, dancing, music … Good Times!