Canada Day

I’ve often posted a Happy Canada Day message on July 1st, but with my Monday+Thursday posting schedule, I thought the Tuesday post might mess me up. Instead, I feel like I’m messing up my Thursday post!

I don’t have anything really thoughtful to say this Thursday—some could argue that I have little thoughtful to say ever—I just wanted to share my thoughts about my Canada Day this year.

I spent much of the day doing nothing: a little bit of laundry, a little reading, watched some TV, cuddled a puppy. Then I got going. I had a great visit and barbeque and beer-drinking with some old friends and some great friends; in fact, some of them are both.

Later, most of us headed out to the big park for the fireworks. I was really surprised at the multiculturally diverse crowd, and the size. Thousands of people were in the park, in the field, on the hill, running around like maniacs, stumbling around like—well, for another reason. The fireworks were really good. I rarely go in for them, but these were really good.

What I think I liked most was the weird, casual bike ride home. Half of us were on bikes and the other half were walking, with one poor lass riding in a wagon, because of a broken foot. We were riding really slowly, sometimes we’d scoot off and ride around on our own and then loop back, or just hang back and coast along. The ride through the traffic was a lot of fun. It took the thousands of people quite some time to get away from the park and we were generally moving faster than most of it. It was all just so relaxed and comfortable and enjoyable.

Thanks to everyone who was with me. And I hope everyone had a great Canada Day with friends and family and fun.