Fixin’ computers

Alright, so I tried to blog earlier today, but Daddy-O’s computer froze. MAN! Did that ever piss me off! Part of the problem is solved with a new USB driver for the Big Cracker’s fancy-schmancy Pentax Optio 30 digital camera. But I think there’s still some serious issues with this ‘puter. Daddy-O says it likes to freeze regularly, so there’s prob’ly a couple of things going on.

Whew! What a week! I finally got finished with h! is for Hulk’s wicked new website. And we went to this pretty obscure sci-fi movie, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. You might not have heard about it, I don’t think this Star Wars series is all that popular.

On to the present (well, there’s still some past in the story, but it’s more recent). I’m on vacation! Woo Hoo!! So long suckers!! Oh, wait, I guess I have to go back after a while. Stinky poo poo. Back in the ol’ Sasakamatoon! I haven’t actually seen any of my friends, but there’s plans in place. I’ve hung out with the fam’ for the last few days.

My stepmom, her sister, my niece and I went to DancePower. It was quite an experience. There was Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip-hop and Ballet dancing by kids from 11 to 19 years old. It was amazing. The costumes and choreography were excellent complements to the music, and the effect was visually intoxicating. I would have to say that the younger kids were the best of all, with high-energy, fast moving performances.

I’ve also gone for a stroll around the neighnourhood. Taking in a little bit of Bikes on Broadway (sorry, that’s the best link I could find … maybe needs to offer them some space for better advertising…), having some lunch at the good ol’ Broadway Café (hmmm … they need a site too …), and generally enjoying myself.

One of my plans is to hook up with Nelson and Emtamily for LEO37‘s big show at Amigo’s Wednesday night. And a nice visit with J & R (who still hasn’t found me a nice girl yet) and the kiddos sometime today or this week or whenever.

Congrats, I guess, to Wublub who is making some new career moves. Unfortunately, he took a bit of a hit in the goatass with his current job, so let’s wish him luck in the next one. And good luck to Gonch in making the greenhouse wicked successful!