Zooey Deschanel is sexy

Ho-Lee Crizzzzap!! What have I been doing for the last week and change?! I look at this site everyday … no word of a lie, every day … And still I haven’t blogged in over a week. But, to be fair (at least a little bit), I have been busy. I posted something last Friday, played the Matrix Online Saturday, went to 2 movies Sunday, played more Matrix Monday and Tuesday, went over to h! is for Hulk’s for dinner Wednesday and to workout his fancy-schmancy new website, tried to watch CSI and ER Thursday, but Tigerrage was watching The Apprentice, Friday I went to the Collins Brewhouse for Wublub’s birthday bash, Saturday more work on the fancy-schmancy website then over to Gwildor and Trikie‘s for Gwildor’s birthday bash, and Sunday (after getting home from Gwil’s, since nobody could drive for all the Mudshakes and white russians Saturday) finished the main pages for the fancy-schmancy website. Whoo. Yep, that’s a good week.

Oh, and Wednesday, while over to h! is for Hulk’s, I got to watch his niece, little C, learn to use a spoon. “If I hold it this way and cramit into the apple sauce, then cram it into my mouth, I get a little bit of apple sauce. But if I hold it this way and cram it into the apple sauce … Woo hoo! A ton of apple sauce!”

Now that wasn’t so hard … what took me all week? Oh, the 2 movies, you ask? Yes, well, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (very good, and that Zooey Deschanel is sexy!) and House of Wax (pretty good, and that Elisha Cuthbert is sexy!).