So, you’re all wondering, this Big Cracker idiot thinks he’s some kind of blogger, but we haven’t seen a new blog in over a week … Get to work, slacker!!

You have every right to be disappointed in me. Especially since I have really nothing to tell. I was going to buy new shoes, nope, didn’t happen. I was going to see Ultraviolet and/or Beowulf and Grendel and/or 16 Blocks (’cause I love the Bruce Willis), mmm … nope, didn’t happen. I was going to find some new fancy jewelry for my ears, once again … nope, didn’t happen.

I did manage to get to T&T’s birthday/planned birthday/housewarming yesterday, I arrived 1.75 hours late (for a 2-hour shindig). It was C’s 2nd birthday, H&O’s planned birthday (they’re twins who were expected right about now, but were actually born Dec. 29), and I guess since T&T didn’t have any kind of housewarming when they first moved to their beautiful new home, this was it. It was well-attended, with lots of delicious food and plenty of friendly, quirky company.

Then I went downtown for a new CPU fan and some Popeye’s chicken. When I installed the new fan, I found out that it wasn’t the CPU fan at all, but actually the case fan that was making all the ruckus! So, I may head downtown today for a new case fan … we’ll see, I still need shoes and a battery for my doorbell …