Nacho Scanner of the Carribean and other bedtime stories

Friday night was a trip down to the Harbourfront with Cyon and, umm, Sonya (I think I need to find out a nickname for Sonya). We caught some of Prefuse 73. I was expecting lyrics, but it was just Prefuse and a drummer. The beats and mixes were good, but to my untrained ear all the tracks blended into one.

Saturday afternoon was Nacho Libre. My sister asked if it was funny, and, to be honest, I’m still not sure. There were some funny scenes and situations with Nacho and Esqueleto and the wrestling was pretty comedic, but it wasn’t a laugh-riot and no School of Rock. Still good … 7 out of 10 saltines.

Saturday night was supposed to be another trip down to the Harbourfront with h! and RLP, but I ran into RLP on my way out to Nacho and he said he wasn’t sure he was going. Of course, he didn’t call h!, since I said I was going. But I hadn’t confirmed with h! what was going on and I decided not to go. I failed to check my messages when I got home from Nacho, and didn’t get h!’s message about when and where he would be. Anyways … h! called me from a payphone at the Harbourfront, we sorted everything out and I rode my bike over to his place to hang out and chat. Good times!

Sunday was my day for illegal activity. (Yeah, come and get me coppers! You’ll never take me alive!) I went down to the Varsity for A Scanner Darkly, and since it ended about 20 minutes before Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest, I figured I’d buy one and get one free. At the Varsity, once you’re in, you’re free to roam about at your leisure; so after Scanner, I casually walked into Pirates. Anyways … yeah, like Gwildor said, Scanner dragged a bit and, for me, it ended abruptly, without a clear resolution. The animation was pretty good, digitized over real film very elegantly, and the story was a little wacky and fun. I’ll say 6.5 saltines.

Pirates, also good, fun, good effects with the Big Cracken (almost Big Cracker!) and Davy Jones’ crew, but it ran a little long. The fight sequence in the end between Will Turner, Captain Jack Sparrow and Commodore Norrington was unnecessarily long and only made the non-ending (à la Matrix: Reloaded) more disappointing. Uhhh … 7 saltines.