Websites n’ stuff

I was so good about blogging last week, this week, not so much. I’ve been a little busy putting the finishing touches on the website … h! is a little picky and has been changing the layout and content like mad. It’s all good times … sh–s and giggles! I’m also trying to get a few pages of my own done, to advertise my web development skills and my tetherball skills, but that’s taking it’s sweet time.

I think I’m going to push towards freelance web development. I mean, I’m already a partner in a great hosting company, and I’ve done some solid work on a handful of websites. Daddy-O even sent me a web design and logo/letterhead design opportunity that unfortunately I was not ready to do at the time. But I’m putting together some plans and a portfolio, so hopefully the next time something similar comes up, I’ll be ready.

I had a discussion with a colleague at work the other day, and I’m not sure I presented the case as best as I could have. I mentioned that we’re doing some reorganization at work, and that a few people are losing their jobs. Well, this colleague is one of them. He’s been offered a position that is similar to what Gwildor and I do, and he wanted the inside scoop. I tried to present a fair and balanced view of my work, but I have a feeling I put a little too much negative spin on it. I mean, I don’t much care for the work I do (hmmm … I wonder if people I work with actually read this?), but it’s not really a nighmarish pit of hell. I tried to present it like it’s fairly laid back, timelines are long enough that it’s easy enough to get the work done, but that it’s still work and there’s always bullsh–. I certainly hope that’s the impression I gave, and not the 7th circle of hell.

Oh, and 3 movies on the long weekend past: Fantastic Four (good), Batman Begins (excellent), The Island (very good).