Am I a Blogger?

So I’ve been contemplating writing a real blog. You know, the kind with daily (or multiple daily) posts and maybe accompanied by a weekly podcast. I think I’d have a lot of fun working on it, I just don’t know what I’d write. That is, I don’t know what I could write about for any significant period of time and have anything intelligent to say every time. I think I’d like to stick with my current area of interest, web development, but where do I focus? I’d like to include usability, design, valid markup, fonts, cross-browser compatibility, content management, server-side versus client-side scripting, spelling, grammar…. See? Where do I focus? Is all that too much? Not enough? There’s a jillion web design blogs out there, why am I special? Do I need to get a couple of people to write as well, to build more content? Obviously, I have a tough enough time updating this monstrosity, am I prepared to go bigger?

Well, I’ll let it simmer for a while.