I’m sure you’ll see this title and think, “Ooh, someone lied to poor Big Cracker and he’s professing a policy of honesty.” Or, I suppose, “Big Cracker lied to us and now he’s coming clean.” Nope, none of the above. I’m just qualifying today’s Roll Up the Rim entries. I’ve logged them as extra large, but one was really medium and the other large. The Tim’s location I go to is nearing the end of its cups and providing an empty extra large cup to anyone buying Roll Up-qualifying beverages (of smaller sizes). So, although I only purchased and received medium and large coffees, the winning rims were in fact on extra large cups. This also partly confirms that the more expensive cups have more winners. 2 extra large, 2 winners, hmmm.

It’s a shame I don’t have last year’s bet with VeeDub this year. He wagered that I couldn’t get more than 5 winners last year, and he won. This year, it’s 7, woo hoo!

Oh, and just a note for those of you that get my RSS feed via Google Personalized Homepage, I don’t know why it’s got my last post with the title “Am Ia Blogger?”, there is definitely a space between the I and the a.