This ‘n’ that

Nothin’ much. Just realized that I used “It’s all over but the crying” for both posts about the ending of the Roll Up the Rim contest (2006, 2007). Kind of an odd coincidence, I think.

Other than that, this Facebook thing seems to have taken off. I’ve found a bunch of people I never expected to see again, and I’m sure I’ll run into some more. But I’m still not sure what it’s all worth. Especially, what it’s all worth to the Facebook people. I don’t click on the ads, so how would they generate the necessary revenue to maintain such an impressive site?

It’s heads and shoulders above MySpace (if you ask me—which few people do). It’s cleaner and easier to manage. I think that MySpace wins for having highly customizable pages. But the drawback for me in the customization is the terrible HTML and CSS support. Facebook doesn’t have any real customization tools, but the tools for finding and communicating with people, as well as for managing your own information are entirely user-friendly and intuitive.