Social networking

What’s with the giant surge in social networking? I finally got myself a MySpace page a few months ago and am still a month behind in the blog posts. I also have only 9 friends (which is pretty accurate), so I’m wondering why I bother. I even denied someone’s Friend request, since I didn’t know the dude, but then there was a message from him lauding crackerMail. (I asked him to re-send the request.) Now I’m hooked up with Facebook; Shuttergirl finally nudged me over. I had invites from Bud and Chowarmaan, Gwildor hooked himself up thanks to them, and at Shuttergirl’s b-day I heard bucketloads about Facebook this and Facebook that.

I’m still not entirely sure why I need either. I’ve got a page that is my space. I call it Everything that I want to make available on the interweb is on there: me bitching on a regular basis. I’ve started putting a link to my real blog posts in my MySpace blog posts (obviously, I’m just transferring them over; I’m not writing new ones). I haven’t even figured out what Facebook is for. Oh well, I’ll jump on the bandwagon and stay ’til the wheels fall off.