The rest of my month — update #3

Well, here we are now in July. My “month” was June, so I guess it’s over now. No real money made, so back to looking for “real” work.

I applied for a part-time position (0.5 FTE) as a reporting programmer for the University (creating and updating reports for different internal groups) last week. I was thinking I’d take that half-time work and see if I could get a promotion to shift supervisor at the Starbuck’s, bringing me up to full-time hours. I guess I’ll wait and see.

There are a few prospects I’m still investigating, but the freelance angle is a solid pain in the ass. The places I’ve gone to find freelance work have had thousands of postings, all of them paying next to nothing for what would amount to several hours of work, and for which the bid closing date is weeks away. I don’t really have time to filter through thousands of postings in several locations to find the few jobs I might bid on.

I’m trying to learn about making money blogging, which seems plausible, but challenging. I’m thinking about reviving The Web Developer’s Blog and pushing harder on The Tech Writer Blog.

In other, more personal news, I’ve made some headway on my novel. You can check out what I have so far in a dedicated section of my other website.

As always, this blog gets republished as notes on Facebook. And I’ve been tweeting about Violent Kin and PPF House gigs and “green” tips (e.g., Eat take-out regularly? Keep some spare utensils with you.), which show up as status updates on Facebook.

In case you’re wondering, Beatrice and I have still not managed to get together. Thanks for all your support.