Life Lessons from the Big Cracker

Expert, Pete Prodoehl - image

If you recall, awhile back I posted a blog about regrets. The only comment was from Big T who advised, “No regrets! Forge ahead!” And I am.

But it’s been on my mind all the same. In fact, I’ve come to a bit of a conclusion: There come times in a person’s life where he has achieved a certain level of respect and expertise in his career and should continue for a few years to exploit the situation for inevitable personal success.

The problem is recognizing these times, and also being patient enough to get to this point. I admit I was never patient enough to recognize these opportunities.

Twice, so far, I’ve been in great positions; respected in the job I was doing and with a significant level of expertise. Neither time did I think, “This is it. This is the job I should be doing.” Not even that it was the right career to be in. Just that I didn’t like my manager and wasn’t willing to continue working for her, and that I was no longer happy with the town I was living in. (It was actually sort of the same both times.)

While I could have probably found work in another department, or simply persevered, and increased my expertise, I left. Moved half way across the country. Was it the right decision? We’ll never know. But I’ve now come to a realization that I’m in a position that is still part of the same career path that I thought I left, and it’s time to exploit my respect and expertise for inevitable personal success. Onward!

(Expert by Pete Prodoehl is a Creative Commons image)