Sometimes Too Little Is Too Little

Lifehacker mentioned a Small Notebook post about a hierarchy of cleaning. “That’s great,” I thought, “that should be a great place to get an idea for better scheduling my housecleaning tasks.” As you may have guessed, it wasn’t. And what killed me was the huge number of positive comments; at least on Small Notebook, Lifehacker commenters were less enthusiastic.

I saw the triangular hierarchy graphic, went to the original post for more detail, and there wasn’t any. WTF? You post a graphic like that with no other description or commentary? I want to know why things are grouped the way they are. What is the expected outcome of following the given hierarchy? How is this going to help me, when I don’t know what it means? There was also no indication of how the hierarchy was derived, leaving me clueless about how to customize it for my own situation. So, thanks for nothing, Lifehacker and Small Notebook.

What methods do you guys use for prioritizing housecleaning?