Social Media Connections

Social MediaI read an article about social media connections and brain size that indicated that people with a large number of social media connections (e.g., Facebook friends) have a larger volume of grey matter in the amygdala than average.

I found it very interesting because I recently unfriended a number of friends on Facebook and stopped following a number of people on Twitter. I wondered what the correlation meant for me, having had a large number of connections and consciously choosing to have fewer.

I’m not sure if it was because of this, or because I missed the updates from friends, or for some other reason entirely, but I’ve chosen to reconnect with many of the unfriended, and I’m beginning to follow Twitter users again. I’d like to believe that I will be more selective about the connections I make, so I won’t be inflating the number just for the sake of a large number. But I also think there’s something comforting about having a large number of friends. I also like having even that tenuous connection so that when something comes up and I want that connection, it’s there.