The Lookout

I feel a little bad that I didn’t actually write a review for Brick. I think it was one of the last (if not the last) movies I saw at the Paradise (or maybe the Revue). It was really good. I was impressed with the story, the setting, the acting. Anyway, because of it, I had pretty high hopes for The Lookout.

Joseph Gordon-Leavitt plays Chris Pratt, star hockey player from a wealthy family. Chris is driving when his car is in a fatal accident, leaving him with a serious brain injury. His guilt over the accident and his limited ability to engage in a “normal” life make him an easy mark for some bank robbers who recruit him as the lookout for a heist. They plan to rob the bank where Chris works as the night janitor.

The star of the movie is really Jeff Daniels as Chris’ blind roommate, who also serves as his wise mentor. I was completely convinced that he was blind. And in trying to help Chris live a “normal” life, he showed that it was mostly a matter of simply believing that the life you were leading was normal.

6 out of 10 saltines. It was really good, but I think I was expecting too much.